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We revolutionized the world of finance to put it at your reach.

Our mission is to empower people’s economy and revolutionize the world of large and small investments. Dividendee allows you to contribute to the development or creation of the projects of your favorite brands and become a shareholder or receive different rewards from them.

Equity Crowdfunding

Our trusted backbone will give integrity to your patrimony.
Dividendee seeks to boost people wanting to progress economically and also support projects and ideas that have not been able to materialize due to lack of budget. We want to achieve this goal through Equity Crowdfounding or Collective Funding in exchange for actions.

The Equity Crowdfounding allows anyone to invest in innovative ideas in order to concrete them in exchange for stocks, this way the idea becomes materialized and the person who invests generates capital.


Stock Market

Become an stategic investor.
In Dividendee we connect new investors with listed companies through Kuspit, a Mexican brokerage house, authorized by the National Banking and Securities Commission (Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores – CNBV).

Within this platform you can invest small amounts in financial instruments that can help you achieve your economic goals.



Initial Coin Offering

Overcome the system, eliminate intermediaries.

For a person to have shares or be part of a project, it is necessary to involve third parties such as banks or the government.

In Dividendee we wanted to create a payment system managed by the community, without the need to have an intermediary. For this reason, we adopt cryptocurrencies as an economic system. The cryptocurrency is digital money that is independent of the control of governments, states or banks. These work through Blockchain which is a decentralized database by which transactions are sent to produce an online secure book.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a model of fund raising through cryptocurrencies to finance the development of new ideas. The objective of ICO is for the company behind the project to obtain the necessary capital to realize its vision. People who support and invest will have cryptocurrencies in return that will have a later usefulness or that will give them rights to share the benefits generated by the project.

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